Any person seeking to enroll at WVU at Parkersburg must complete an Application for Admission, which can be found at each administrative center of the college or online.

Addresses for Applications for Admissions are:

Center for Student Services, WVU at Parkersburg, 300 Campus Drive, Parkersburg, WV 26104, Jackson County Center, JCC, 105 Academy Drive, Ripley, WV 25274, or the online address,

Admissions Requirements - General Admission

Note: Admission to the institution does not necessarily imply admission to a particular program of study or limited admissions programs. Individual programs, especially health programs, may publish their own requirements for admission.

To be fully admitted under general admissions requirements, a student must complete an admission
application and:

Admissions Requirements – Home School Students

Students seeking general admission to the college who have completed a secondary school credential through a home school process must adhere to the following steps for admission:

The home schooling of secondary students in West Virginia is governed by West Virginia Code 18-8-1 subsection (c), and admission to the college from a home school environment will be analogous to the necessary requirements of said code to complete a final year of secondary school. In addition to all other admission requirements, home-schooled students must provide only one of the following:

  1. An official statement on letterhead from the superintendent of the school district of residence confirming that the student has met the academic assessment requirements for the final year of secondary instruction with a recognized Home School Administrator (often a parent of the student, West Virginia Code 18-8-12)

    as detailed in West Virginia Code 18-8-1 subsection (c), or
  2. Official test scores from a high school equivalency exam such as the GED or TASC. These scores must be from an accredited institution or source recognized by the United States Department of Education or the State of West Virginia, (however they are not needed if it has been 5 years or more.)

  3. A transcript of class work from a secondary institution or organization recognized as accredited by an agency acceptable to the office of the Vice President for Student Services or the United States or West Virginia Departments of Education.

Admissions Requirements - Transfer Students

A transfer student is defined as an applicant for admission to WVU at Parkersburg who has attended another accredited college or university and who wishes to enroll at WVU at Parkersburg and declare a major field of study. To be fully admitted under transfer requirements, a student must complete an admission application and:

Admission Requirement - Transient Students

A transient student is defined as any student who is officially enrolled in another college (referred to as “home college”) who desires to take a course(s) at WVU at Parkersburg and have the courses transferred back to his/her home college. To be fully admitted under transient requirements, a student must complete an admission application and:

Admissions Requirements - Early College Students

An Early College student is defined as a high school junior or senior who has completed all high school requirements through the sophomore year and has maintained a minimum cumulative 2.5 grade point average. To be fully admitted under early college requirements, a student must:

Only secondary students who meet these requirements are eligible to enroll in college level course work while in high school. Early College students are not eligible for federal, state or institutional financial aid. Exceptions to these admissions standards for entry may be granted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs upon appeal.

Admission Requirements - Readmission Students

A readmission student is defined as any student who has previously enrolled at WVU at Parkersburg as a student. This applies to any student who has not been enrolled for at least one academic year.

To be fully admitted under readmission requirements, a student must complete an admission application and:

Admissions Requirements - Non-degree Students

A non-degree student is a person who has no plans to earn a degree or certificate while attending WVU at Parkersburg and who does not intend to register for more than two courses in any semester. An admission application must be completed. A non-degree student is not eligible for federal, state, or institutional financial aid.

Admissions Requirements - International Students

An International student is defined as a citizen of a foreign country who seeks admission to WVU at Parkersburg. All documents must be on file by April 1 for admission to the subsequent fall semester and by October 1 for admission to the subsequent spring semester.

In addition to meeting the routine admission requirements of the student type for which they have applied, in order to be admitted as an international student, an applicant must also:

Upon receipt of all documentation, the Admissions Office, located in the Center for Student Services, will complete an evaluation and notify the student of an admissions decision. All outstanding documents must be submitted to the Admissions Office before admission to the college can be granted. Upon confirmation of a positive admission decision and deposit, the Admissions Office will issue an I-20.

Admission requirements - Provisional Admission

Applicants for Admission who do not meet all of the requirements stated above may be granted Provisional Admission for one semester. Requirements for General Admission must be met by the completion of the first semester enrolled to continue enrollment at WVU at Parkersburg. Provisional Admission students are not eligible for financial aid.

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