Online Courses:

 All of the course content is delivered online. No face-to-face class sessions are required during a semester, however proctored exams arranged locally, library research, or other activities may be required. Typically, the course orientation, assignments, presentations, learning activities, and interactive quizzes and tests are online. Instructors use e-mail, webpages and course management tools to communicate with students.

Hybrid Courses:

 A hybrid course combines both face-to-face classroom instruction and online Internet-based learning. Instructors may require students to attend on-site or synchronous class sessions and/or take on-site examinations. Hybrid courses require students to have access to a computer to watch videos of lectures, track assignments and progress, interact with professors and peers, and review other supporting materials, such as PowerPoint presentations or scholarly articles.

Technology Requirements:

Students should be advised that all courses at WVU at Parkersburg may require the use of a computer, email, the Internet, or other digital resources and support software.

All students registering for an online or hybrid course are responsible for providing their own access to a computer with an Internet connection and any other hardware and software necessary to complete course requirements.

General technical requirements can be found at, and specific course requirements will be listed in the course schedule or syllabus. Students are encouraged to email the professor listed in the course schedule for specific hardware


WVU at Parkersburg is committed to creating an accessible academic community. For students with documented disabilities, the college will ensure that equal opportunity to participate in, contribute to and benefit from academic programs at WVU at Parkersburg is available. Information for students requesting disability-related accommodations can be found at

Library Services:

A complete list of resources for off-campus access can be found at

The following are a few of the library services available at a distance:

To review all the services available at a distance, visit:


Student Services:

Students participating in online and hybrid courses may use all WVU at Parkersburg on-campus services as well as the web-based services on the WVU Parkersburg website. WVU at Parkersburg provides each enrolled student with an official e-mail account, which should be checked every day. 

To review all the services available at a distance, visit:

General Information:

Distance learning courses are especially suited to reach busy people who wish to increase their knowledge and skills without giving up their jobs, losing income or interfering with family responsibilities. These courses are equivalent to on-campus sections of the same course in terms of outcomes, competencies, content, credit and transferability. The various forms of communication and instructional technologies utilized allow and encourage students to participate in discussions with faculty and classmates. WVU at Parkersburg offers online and hybrid courses for distance learners.


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