General Education Mission

General education is “general” in several clearly identifiable ways: it is not directly related to a student‘s formal technical, vocational, or professional preparation; it is a part of every student‘s course of study, regardless of his or her area of emphasis; and it is intended to impart common knowledge, intellectual concepts, and attitudes that every educated person should possess.

West Virginia University at Parkersburg espouses the philosophy that education is both idea and act. Students are encouraged to think, to read, and to know, as well as to apply. In the general education courses, students are encouraged to challenge themselves in the following areas:

Demonstrate capabilities in

  • Reading, writing, speaking, listening
  • Abstract inquiry
  • Logical reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Technological proficiency

Increase understanding in

  • Numerical data
  • Scientific inquiry
  • Global issues
  • Historical perspectives
  • Literary and/or philosophical expression of ideas

Develop an awareness of

  • Ethical perspectives
  • Cultural value systems

Expand appreciation of

  • Fine and performing arts

General education supports the notion of a free, democratic society which, in turn, demands an informed, thoughtful, and ethical citizenry. Through general education, students are encouraged to observe how people are connected to each  other, thereby discovering their common humanity. The core is designed to expose students to those activities and patterns of thought which are most truly human: the sciences, history, literature, and the arts. Through the core studies, students are encouraged to think critically and analytically, to integrate knowledge, to solve problems, to be innovative, to synthesize ideas and actions, and to care about the public good. In essence, General Education is a study of human life and a quest for knowing the best way to live.

General Education Courses:

To ensure breadth and depth as students meet these broad education goals, the curriculum focuses on six academic “strands.”

Composition & RhetoricScience & TechnologyMath & Quantitative Skill Society, Diversity & ConnectionsHuman Inquiry & the PastThe Arts and Creativity

 ENGL 101

 ENGL 102

 ENGL 107*

 ENGL 108*

 ASTR 106

 BIOL 101 &
 BIOL 103 L

 BIOL 102

 BIOL 104 L

 BIOL 107 *

 BIOL 108 *

 BIOL 109 *

 BIOL 115

 BIOL 117

 BIOL 171

 CHEM 111

 CHEM 115

 CHEM 116

 CS 101

 GEOL 101 &
 GEOL 102 L

 GEOL 103 &
 GEOL 104 L

 GEOL 105 &
 GEOL 105 L

 PSCI 111

 PSCI 112

 PHYS 101

 PHYS 102

 PHYS 111

 PHYS 112

 MATH 120 *

 MATH 121

 MATH 125 *

 MATH 126

 MATH 128

 MATH 129

 MATH 150

 MATH 155

 MATH 156

 MATH 211

 COMM 105

 COMM 111

 COMM 112

 ECON 201

 ECON 202

 FREN 101

 FREN 102

 GEOG 102

 GEOG 240

 POLS 102

 POLS 220

 PSYC 101

 PSYC 241

 RELI 231

 SOC 101

 SOC 105

 SOC 221

 SOC 232

 SPAN 101

 SPAN 102

 HIST 101

 HIST 102

 HIST 152

 HIST 153

 HIST 250 *

 PHIL 111

 PHIL 150 *

 PHIL 170

History &
Literature of the Arts

 ART 101

 ART 105

 ART 106

 MUSI 170

 THEA 101


 ENGL 131

 ENGL 132

 ENGL 221

 ENGL 222

 ENGL 241

 ENGL 242

 ENGL 261

 ENGL 262

 ENGL 285

Applied Arts

 ART 109

 THEA 102

Creative Writing

 ENGL 213

 ENGL 214

 ENGL 215

* Serves technical and professional degree programs specific to WVU Parkersburg. Does not transfer to WVU as General Education (March 2018).


The Division of Business, Accounting, and Public Service (BAPS) is committed to providing job-ready programs at the certificate, associate, and bachelor’s degree levels. Courses are offered in a variety of formats including traditional face-to-face, hybrid, and online. Graduates of BAPS programs will be prepared to enter the workforce with skills that match area employers’ goals.

Career ladders are provided in Business Administration, Business Technology, Criminal Justice, and Legal Studies. Students may earn a certificate in applied science and add courses to complete the associate in applied science that leads to a bachelor of applied science degree.

Business Programs Accreditation:
The Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accredits all business programs. For more information about accreditation, see the ACBSP web site at or write to 11520 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS 66213.

Degrees available include the following:

Certificate in Applied Science (CAS) Business Administration

Certificate in Applied Science (CAS) Business Technology

Certificate in Applied Science (CAS) Criminal Justice

Certificate in Applied Science (CAS) Legal Studies

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Business Administration

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Business Technology

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Criminal Justice

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Legal Studies

Associate in Science (AS) Business Administration

Bachelors in Applied Science (BAS) Business Administration

         Specializations available:             Business Information Technology

                                                           Management / Marketing

                                                            Accounting and Financial Management

Bachelors in Applied Science (BAS) Criminal Justice

Bachelors in Applied Science (BAS) Legal Studies

Bachelors in Applied Science (BAS) Supervisory Management

Bachelors in Science (BS) Business Administration

Specializations available:             Accounting

                                                 General Business


The Education Division is committed to creating an exemplary workforce to help shape our community, state, and nation's future...our children.  WVU at Parkersburg offers a variety of educational opportunities for student interested in a career in education.  Students are able to complete the requirements needed to work with children at the early childhood level, as assistant teachers in public schools, or teachers in childcare center and Head Starts, and as elementary classroom teachers.

WVU at Parkersburg's Child Development program prepares graduates to facilitate and assess learning environments that are engaging and playful to promote social, emotional, cognitive and physical development in young children.  Many and various careers are available depending on the level of education attained.

The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education is approved by the West Virginia Department of Education. The program has been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and is affiliated with the American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education, the National Association of Community College Teacher Preparation Programs, the National Professional Development School Association, and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. 

Degrees available include the following:

  • Certificate in Applied Science (CAS) Child Development
  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Child Development
  • Bachelors in Applied Science (BAS) Child Development
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) Elementary Education
  • Specializations available as an add-on to the BA in Elementary Education
    • Early Childhood Pre K-K
    • English 5-9
    • General Science
    • General Math – Algebra I
    • Social Studies 5-9


The Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences Division (HFA&SS) at WVU Parkersburg is committed to supporting the academic success of each of our students. This is accomplished through supporting broad basic education requirements that include courses in history, psychology, English, digital communication, strategic communication, media studies, geography, social studies, sociology, music, art, religion, philosophy, health, physical education, foreign languages, sign language, and communication studies.

This division supports the development of the skills employers most want when they are deciding which new college graduates to hire. These include the ability to communicate verbally, (both orally and written), to collaborate with others, to plan and organize projects, and development in decision making, problem-solving, listening, and multicultural awareness.

Degrees available include:

Certificate in Applied Science in General Education
Associate of Applied Science in Digital Communication
Associate of Applied Science in Strategic Communication
Associate of Arts Degree
Bachelor of Applied Science in Communication and Media Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies


The AA degree is a valuable transfer degree that offers the General Education requirements expected by most four-year institutions. The AA degree will provide students with the breadth of knowledge that four-year institutions seek.

The AA degree is the foundation for many of the following majors:

  • The AA degree is also the first two years of the Multi-Disciplinary Studies Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education.
  • Art
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • English
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Theater

Along with the General Education courses, the AA degree also has the option of ‘free’ electives, which may prepare students for their choice of major, depending on the discipline they wish to study and how they will focus their education long term. If students know what they want to major in for their four-year degree, they should take classes in that major as their electives.


The Nursing & Health Sciences Division at WVU Parkersburg is committed to supporting the college’s mission in providing “accessible, life-changing educational opportunities in a safe and supportive environment.” Careers within healthcare are one of the fastest growing areas of opportunity. According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics at, employment in occupations related to health care is projected to increase in the coming years. This growth in employment is driven by technological advances in patient care, an increasing emphasis on preventive care, and an increase in the elderly population. Health care occupations with the largest projected employment increases are registered nurses; personal and home care aides; home health aides; nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants; medical assistants; and licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses.

Careers in health care are exciting, rewarding, and offer a lifetime of fulfillment. The Nursing and Health Sciences Division ascribes to the college’s commitment to provide academic excellence. We pride ourselves on the quality of education we have to offer as well as the success our graduates enjoy. Information about the degrees offered through the Nursing and Health Sciences Division can be found on the college’s website at

Degrees available include:
Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) Patient Care Technician
Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) Pharmacy Technician
Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Nursing
Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Surgical Technology
Bachelors of Science Nursing (RN-BSN)

In addition to meeting the requirements for general admission to the college, students requesting admission to programs within the Nursing & Health Sciences Division must meet individual program admission requirements, complete a Nursing & Health Sciences Application and adhere to the clinical practice program requirements. Questions regarding the application process, program requirements, and course of study should be directed to the Nursing and Health Sciences Division at 304-424-8300.

Programs within the Nursing and Health Sciences Division have a clinical component that requires rotations into community health care agencies for patient care. Travel to these agencies is the responsibility of the student. Therefore, each student admitted into a Nursing and Health Sciences program must meet the requirements for participation in clinical experiences. Students are required to have a physical examination and complete required immunizations, maintain current CPR certification, submit to drug testing and background check, complete required education as determined by the affiliate health care agencies, and adhere to HIPAA regulations and the Professional Standards/Safe Clinical Practice Standards of the program. The requirements for participation in clinical experiences can be found online at

The WVU Parkersburg administration reserves the right to amend this documentation, upon recommendation of the Nursing Faculty Organization, without notice to insure the integrity of the program and safety of the students, college, and community at large.

Even though this catalog describes courses required to complete the programs within the Nursing and Health Sciences Division, it is not prescriptive or intended to replace counsel from an academic advisor. Course availability may vary and students are strongly encouraged to consult an academic advisor concerning course sequence and degree requirements.


The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Division offers a wide variety of courses and programs. The Science and Math courses support other programs at the institution, but can lead to bachelor’s level degrees at other institutions through multiple transfer and articulation options using the Associate in Science degree.

The Technology programs are designed to prepare students for careers in fields that are in-demand in our region. Whether you are already employed and seeking a promotion by obtaining an advanced degree or if you are looking to obtain a new skill, we offer a broad array of options from Welding to Computer Information Technology.

It is important to note that completion of the application process does not imply that the applicant will be admitted to the nursing program. Acceptance and placement in the program are dependent upon the individual’s academic record and upon the number of spaces available.

Degrees available include:

  • Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) Chemical & Polymer Operator Technology
  • Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) Electricity & Instrumentation Technology
  • Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) Industrial Maintenance
  • Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) Residential and Commercial Electricity
  • Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) Welding
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Multi-Craft Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Welding
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Drafting
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Computer Information Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Computer Science
  • Bachelors of Applied Technology (BAT) Cybersecurity and Network Administration
  • Bachelors of Applied Technology (BAT) Software Engineering
  • Associate of Science (AS)


Skill Sets are ideal for those who want to gain proficiency quickly for current or potential employment. Individuals can meet specific career or technology objectives through specialized training for a specific skill set. Skill Sets are awarded to those who have demonstrated mastery of skills and knowledge and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in all required classes.

CMS 219 – Fundamentals of Broadcast Production
CMS 221 – Broadcast Announcing
CMS 223 – Broadcast Programming
CMS 359 – Broadcast Reporting 

ENGL 101 – Composition 1  
CMS 110 – Basic Newswriting
CMS 215 – Media Writing
CMS 218 – News Reporting

ENGL 210 – Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL 213 – Creative Writing:  Poetry
ENGL 214 – Creative Writing:  Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 215 – Creative Writing:  Fiction
ENGL 444 – Writers Workshop

COMM 105 – Intro to Mass Media
CMS 220 – Photography
CMS 225 – Media Design I (1 hour course)
CMS 360 – Digital Imagining
CMS 410 – Graphic Design
DRAF 122 – Fundamentals of 3D Studio Max

COMM – Intro to Mass Media
CMS 220 – Photography
CMS 360 – Digital Imagining
CMS 410 – Graphic Design

PSYC 101 – Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 281 – Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 318 – History and Systems
PSYC 363 – Theories of Personality

COMM 105 – Intro to Mass Media
CMS 117 – Intro to Social Media Management
CMS 217 – Advanced Social Media Management
CMS 317 – Social Media Campaigns

SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology
SOC 302 – Deviant Behavior
SOC 360 – Gender and Human Identity
SOC 362 – Sociology of Aging
SOC 405 – Social Inequality

BTEC 235 – Microsoft Word/Windows
GBUS 304 – Advanced Excel
GBUS 306 – Advanced Access
BTEC 275 – Advanced Microcomputer Applications for Business

ENGL 308 – Advance Writing OR
ENGL 334 – Scientific and Technical Writing
MKTG 370 – Principles of Purchasing
MKTG 472 – Federal Contract Administration
STEM 420 – Project Management


ENT 200 – Entrepreneurial Studies 
ENT 206 – Managing and Marketing
ENT 307 - Entrepreneurial 
ENT 308 – Launching an Entrepreneurial Venture

ENGL 107 – Technical Writing I or ENGL 101
COMM 112 – Small Group Communication
COMM 304 – Human Comm and Rational Decisions
COMM 306 – Human Comm in Organizations/Institutions

CMS 117 – Intro to Social Medial Management
CMS 217 – Advanced Social Media Management
CMS 437 – Strategic Communication Writing/Case Studies
CMS 439 – Strategic Communication Campaign
MKTG 230 – Principles of Marketing
MKTG 341 – Advertising

LITERATURE (18 hours)
ENGL 101 – Composition I
any two of the following:
ENGL 221 – World Literature 1
ENGL 222 – World Literature 2
ENGL 241 – American Literature 1
ENGL 242 – American Literature 2
ENGL 261 – English Literature 1
ENGL 262 – English Literature 2

any three of the following:
ENGL 320 – Medieval Literature
ENGL 325 – Shakespeare
ENGL 330 – Milton
ENGL 335 – The Romantic Movement
ENGL 340 – The Victorian Era
ENGL 410 – Regional Literature
ENGL 415 – American Voices
ENGL 420 – Single Author
ENGL 425 – Topics in Contemporary Global Literature
ENGL 430 – Comparative Literature
ENGL 450 – Literacy Criticism

HISTORY (18 hours)
any two of the following:

HIST 101 – Western Civilization through the Reformation
HIST 102 – Western Civilization from the Reformation
HIST 152 – US History through the Civil War
HIST 153 – US History from Reconstruction to the Present

any four of the following:
HIST 302 – History of American Indians
HIST 306 – Colonial America 1607-1763
HIST 310 – African-American History
HIST 340 – American Century, 1919-1989
HIST 355 – Ancient Greece and Rome
HIST 410 – Revolutionary America 1763-1787
HIST 430 – Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 445 – History of American Women
HIST 463 – Europe and Middle Ages
HIST 465 – Renaissance and Reformation
HIST 475 – Modern European History 1900-Present

LEADERSHIP (12 hours)
PSYC 231 – Leadership and Human Relations
COMM 306 – Human Communication in Organizations/Institutions
MGMT 220 – Principles of Management
MGMT 410 – Essentials of Leadership



Offered Program:


:: Advanced Manufacturing Technology, A.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Associate of Arts :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Associate of Science, A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Board of Governors, A.A.S :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Business Administration, A.A.S :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Business Administration, A.S :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Child Development, A.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Computer & Information Technology, A.A.S :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Computer Science, A.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Criminal Justice, A.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Digital Communication, A.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Drafting, A.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Multi-Craft Technology, A.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Occupational Development (Apprenticeship), AAS :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Strategic Communication, A.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Surgical Technology, A.A.S :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW


:: Business Administration, Accounting and Financial Management concentration (B.A.S.B.A / A.F.M) :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Business Administration, Accounting concentration (B.S.B.A / ACCT.) :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Business Administration, General Business concentration ( B.S.B.A / GEN. BUS.) :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Business Administration, Management and Marketing concentration ( B.A.S.B.A / M.M.) :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Business Administration, Business Information Technology concentration (B.A.S.B.A./B.I.T.) :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Child Development 2+2 BAS :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Child Development, B.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Communication & Media Studies - Digital Communication, BAS :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Communication & Media Studies - Strategic Communication, BAS :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Criminal Justice, B.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Cyber Security & Network Administration, B.A.T :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Elementary Education, B.A. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Multidisciplinary Studies B.A. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: NURSING RN-BSN: Full-Time Fall Admission :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: NURSING RN-BSN: Part-Time Fall Admission :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: NURSING RN-BSN: Part-Time Spring Admission :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Software Engineering, B.A.T. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Supervisory Management, B.A.S :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW


:: Business Administration, C.A.S :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Chemical & Polymer Operator, C.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Child Development, C.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Criminal Justice, C.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Electricity and Instrumentation Technology, C.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Industrial Maintenance, C.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Paraprofessional Prek-12, CERT :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Patient Care Technician, C.A.S :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Pharmacy Technician, C.A.S :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW
:: Residential and Commercial Electricity, C.A.S. :: PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW


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