The Office of Admissions, located in the Center for Student Services, coordinates the admissions process and oversees the recruitment and outreach strategies of the college.

The College derives many benefits from its campus-wide assessment program. Academic departments have the opportunity to reflect on what the program mission is and what a graduate from that program will know, value, and be able to do. Students find it helpful to know the goals of their academic program and how courses in their program relates to those goals. Faculty use the assessment results to determine if program goals are being met. Academic support services such as the library, student affairs, academic advisement, and financial aid make a tremendous contribution to student learning on campus. Thus, all areas of the institution can assess how they contribute to the learning environment and what changes they might make to maximize learning experiences.

Assessment Participation: 
WVU Parkersburg requires student participation in assessment tests and surveys. The results enable the College to monitor its programs and services, to assist students in fulfilling their academic goals, and to fulfill reporting equirements to accrediting and government agencies. The Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, the Outcomes Assessment Committee, and the Institutional Research Officer oversee development and reporting of assessment activities. Academic and administrative departments throughout the College periodically require student input about their functions.

Students will be notified when they are expected to participate in assessments. Assessment of general education outcomes will be undertaken regularly. In addition, each program conducts its own assessments of student learning. Other assessments will be conducted as needed.

The campus bookstore carries textbooks and classroom materials as well as imprinted items and sundries.

The college cafeteria is located in the College Activities Center and is open most hours while classes are in session. Vending machines are also available at hours when the cafeteria is closed. 


Center for Career Services, Room 1407
304-424-8246 or 304-424-8304

The most effective career decisions start here! WVU Parkersburg’s Career Services is here to help you exploreprepare, and earn.

We are committed to student empowerment, workforce collaboration, and community involvement, and provide career-related counseling, resources, and programs to help students and alumni establish career goals, develop job seeking skills, and successfully obtain employment. We work with students at every academic level, from first-year freshmen to graduating seniors.

Career Services also collaborates with employers to optimize their recruitment efforts and create opportunities for them to connect with our talented students and alumni.


Career Services can help undecided students identify their interests and explore careers while providing important occupational information. This can help students define and achieve career goals.

Discover majors, in-demand careers, and education based on your interests!

Browse a video collection to learn about careers, industries, skills and abilities, or work options and education levels.


Career Services can help students and alumni develop the skills necessary to conduct a successful job search. We can aid in creating or updating your resume, references, cover letter and other correspondence. We can also provide assistance with interviewing, networking and other job seeking skills.

Our easy-to-use resume builder will help you create a professional resume.

Access to over 70 career advice podcasts, over 25 career articles written by industry professionals, and over 10 career videos to help guide you in your career exploration.  


Career Services helps students and alumni navigate the early years of their career. We are ready to assist by giving you the tools to find the right employment for you.

Search for a wide variety of opportunities posted exclusively to WVU Parkersburg through our online jobs board.  

Working under the supervision of college faculty and employers, eligible students earn college credit while working at jobs that are related to their college majors and career goals.

The largest professional networking site available providing a way to connect with other professionals and stay in contact with millions of users. It has become a leading tool for helping individuals expand their networks as well as find jobs in their field.


Working under the supervision of college faculty and employers, eligible students earn college credit while working at jobs that are related to their college majors and career goals.


Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in the cooperative education program:


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Additions to Schedule:
Students may change their class schedules by accessing their OLSIS account.

Regular Registration typically closes 10 days before classes begin. Late registration begins the week prior to the first day of the semester or part of term and continues until the start time of the first class meeting. Once a class has begun, students may not register into it. Late fees apply during late registration.

To add a course after the start of a semester, a student must have the instructor’s permission to enter a class and the permission of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, or at the Jackson County Center, the Vice President of the Center.

Counseling Services:
The Center for Student Support Services carries out its missions through the provisions of a wide range of direct and indirect services in the areas of crisis/emergency intervention brief/short-term counseling, problem solving sessions(s), consultations, education, and outreach.

The primary services provided by The Center for Student Support Services are as follows:

  1. Counseling Services. The counselor provides crisis intervention, brief/short-term individual and couples counseling. Examples of issues included but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts/ideation, stress management, substance abuse, self-confidence concerns, relationship issues, trauma, loss, and psychopathology. Services include mental health referral support.

  2. Problem Solving. The Center provides students with an opportunity to engage in problem-solving sessions with the counselor.

  3. Psychoeducational and Outreach Programming. Workshops and presentations are provided to student groups, individual classes, administrative units, and staff groups on a variety of topics. The Center for Student Support Services is active in its outreach efforts to promote both awareness of counseling issues and openness to prevention and treatment of mental Illness, substance abuse, diminished self-confidence, and unhealthy lifestyles.

Disability Services: 
The Center for Student Support Services is committed to helping qualified students with disabilities achieve their academic goals by providing reasonable academic accommodations. Students with documented disabilities are entitled to receive accommodations based upon documented significant functional limitations. Accommodations are provided for students with a wide range of temporary or permanent disabilities in order to provide equal access to opportunities at WVU Parkersburg. Accommodations are tailored to the needs of the individual students rather than to a disability. Students requesting disability-related academic accommodations must register with the Center for Student Support Services prior to receiving accommodations.

Specific information regarding the documentation of learning disabilities (LD), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), psychological/psychiatric disabilities, traumatic brain injury, physical/medical disabilities, and visual and hearing impairments is available upon request. Visit for information regarding accommodations for online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes.

Center for Early Learning: 
The Center for Early Learning (CEL) is a nonprofit childcare center, providing assistance for students with young children as well as for college employees on the main campus. Occasionally, drop-in services may be provided as space is available. Check with the CEL for more details at 304.424.8311.

Food Pantry:
The Riverhawk Food Pantry, located in room 0124 on the Parkersburg Campus, is open to the campus community and has non-perishable food items, along with basic hygiene items. Financial information is not required. Please contact the Wellness Coordinator at 304-424-8205 or the Center for Student Support Services at 304-424-8378 for hours of operation and more information.

Frozen Records:
Individual records will be frozen if a student is under a financial obligation to the college or if the student owes money. Until obligations are met, students may not register for classes, receive financial aid, graduate, or receive a copy of their college transcript. Records may also be frozen for additional reasons for such as disciplinary, overdue library materials, and other non-financial reasons.

Health and Wellness:
The Health and Wellness office provides information on how to achieve and maintain lifelong health and well-being. Various health and wellness programs that will aid in developing healthy lifestyle changes are offered during the year.

Library services are provided to aid in classroom instruction, individual investigation, and research on the Parkersburg campus. Books and other resources are selected to meet the academic needs of the various instructional divisions and the general informational and recreational interests of the college community. Interlibrary loan service is available through the West Virginia Library Commission and the Online Computer Library Center.

Lost and Found Articles:
A lost and found service is available for students, faculty, and staff personnel. Found articles may be left at the Campus Security Office, or the JCC administrative office, and persons who have lost articles may check there.

Military Service, Credit for.
Students who have completed at least one year of military service may be granted credit for training received, which may be used to satisfy General Studies, physical education, or elective requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to request this credit and to verify military experience.

For students enrolled in the Board of Governors Associate of Applied Science degree and/or the Regents Bachelor of Arts degree programs, a transcript from the American Council on Education (ACE) will verify military training and provide appropriate documentation for credit levels (lower-division or upper-division).

Notification of Rights under FERPA:
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students’ rights with respect to their education records including:

OLSIS - Online Student Information System: 
This is a web-based system which allows students access to the following online services:

Office of Student Financial Assistance: 
Located in the Center for Student Services. This office handles all questions related to student financial aid.

Parking is available on lots adjacent to campus buildings. Posted parking regulations are to be followed.

Tuition Payments: 
Tuition and fees may be paid in OLSIS using a debit or credit card or in person at the Business Office.

Payment Due Dates:
Tuition and fees for each term are published by the Business Office in advance of the billing period. All tuition and fees must be paid by the deadline or students will be de-registered from all classes. Tuition and fees may be paid by:

During late registration, payment of all or added classes must be paid by the end of the day in which the classes were added.

Records Office:
The Records Office, located in the Center for Student Services, maintains the records of the student grades and enrollment.

Residency Policy: 
To establish a student’s eligibility as a resident for “in-state” status for the purpose admission and assignment of tuition and fees, WVU Parkersburg adheres to the WV Community & Technical College system policy Series 25 which may be viewed at Residency is determined by a student’s permanent home (“domicile”).

Process for Classification for Admission and Fee Purposes: 
WVU Parkersburg Answer Book policy #VI-8A provides the details for the process. The student is responsible for providing documentation to establish domicile. The institution may require written documents, including affidavits, verifications, or other evidence needed to determine residency.

A request to prove domicile must be made to the Office Administrator of Academic and Student Affairs and must be received at least two weeks prior to the deadline for payment of tuition and fees for any semester or term. Any student found to have made a false or misleading statement concerning domicile is subject to institutional disciplinary action and will be charged the nonresident rate for each academic term.

Having been awarded in-state status at another college or university in West Virginia does not automatically transfer to or from WVU at Parkersburg, but consideration will be given if no substantive changes have been made. Out-of-state students being assessed resident tuition and fees as a result of a reciprocity agreement may not transfer that reciprocity status to another public institution in West Virginia.


College Chorale: 
The select chamber choir performs for college functions, in local and regional concerts, and on annual tours in West Virginia and surrounding states. Members may earn academic credit for participation.

Fitness Center: 
A fully equipped Fitness Center is available to students free of charge on a daily basis at the Parkersburg campus.

Student Publications:
The Chronicle newspaper is published six times per semester by journalism students. Students earn academic credit for participation.


WVU Parkersburg has a variety of student organizations on campus. These range from academic honor groups to personal interest and program-specific clubs and organizations.  Additional information is available by contacting the Office of Student Support and Engagement for details about the organizations and how to contact a group’s faculty advisor.


The WVU Parkersburg Academic Testing Center is located in the main building of the WVU at Parkersburg Campus, in room 1123A (the back of the Tutoring Center).  The center offers a secure and comfortable environment that offers 20 computer testing stations as well as a small area for paper tests.  The testing center aims to meet the needs of current WVU Parkersburg students, prospective students, alumni, and the Mid Ohio Valley area, by providing a wide varety of testing services such as:  Accuplacer, CLEP, Distance Learning, Pearson Vue, Praxis, and many others, in order to encourage excellence in higher education and create opportunities for success.

Placement tests are available for students who request them for course placement purposes. Some programs may require specific tests for program admission.


Transfer of credits among public institutions of higher education and with West Virginia private institutions will be completed consistent with appropriate and legitimate academic integrity. WVU Parkersburg follows Series 17, a rule established by the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education and the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. Details can be found at either or


Veterans Resource Center

The WVU Parkersburg Veterans Resource Center provides special assistance for veterans, and qualified dependents of veterans, applying for veterans’ educational benefits.

Weather Cancellations

Students may check on the status of classes by visiting the college website.

The Emergency Alert System

The communication system is used only to inform the campus community of an emergency, the impact the emergency has on class schedules, and other key information in terms of recommendations to the message recipients. Messages are delivered through a variety of methods, including text messages, with a message lead of: ALERT! Campus community members are automatically enrolled in the program although an opt-out procedure is available.


Withdrawal Form the College or Individual Classes. Before the semester begins, students withdrawing from an individual course or the College must access their OLSIS account. For each semester, once classes begin, students must contact and complete a withdrawal form with their academic advisor, their financial aid counselor and, if necessary, the Business Office before they may withdraw from any class. The forms for this new withdraw process will be available in the Center for Student Services, the Professional Advising Center, the Jackson County Center administrative office, and online.

Failure To Withdraw. Failure to process withdrawal forms at the Records Office, in the Center for Student Services, at the Jackson County Center, or the OLSIS account can lead to grades of F or FIW in all classes for which the student was registered but did not complete.

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