Workforce and Economic Development Division:

The Workforce and Economic Development Division (WED) at WVU Parkersburg is committed to supporting the college’s mission of providing “accessible, life changing educational opportunities in a safe and supportive environment.” WED’s focus is on improving the personal, professional, technical, economic, and developmental training needs of our students as individuals as well as for our local businesses and industries. We provide high quality, cost effective programs and consulting services which result in improved performance and outcomes for the participating individuals and corporations.

Occupational Development Degree:

The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Occupational Development is a statewide program involving various colleges within the West Virginia Higher Education system, the United States Department of Labor, and the Bureau of Apprenticeship Training. Minimum / Maximum of 60 credit hours.

These degrees are negotiated between an organization and the college. These are not degrees that students may enroll in without being employed by a participating organization.

Although each degree is similar, there may be differences between each organization that participates in them. Students are advised to contact the Human Resources Office of their participating organization or the division of Workforce and Economic Development at WVU Parkersburg for more details.

Current Occupational Development Agreements:
  1. American Electrical Power (AEP) Lineman
  2. Constellium Millwright/Electrical Training Program
  3. Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters - JATC, WV District
  4. Millwright Local 443
  5. Parkersburg Joint Electrical Apprenticeship Training Center
  6. Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 565
  7. Sheet Metal Workers Local 33
  8. WV Construction Craft Laborers

These degrees are negotiated between an organization and the college. These are not degrees that students may enroll in without being employed by a participating organization

Although each degree is similar, there may be differences between each organization that participates in the, Students are advised to contract the Human Recourses Office of their participating organization of the division of Workforce and Economic Development at WVU Parkersburg for more details.

Sample State Approved Curriculum Guide (may differ between organizations)

To determine if a particular union participates, please contact the union hall or the Workforce & Economic Development Division at 304-424-8383.

Technical Studies Degree:

WVU Parkersburg works with employers or agencies to develop programs which combine general education and technical training provided by the College to offer an associate degree. Students must be employees or clients of the sponsor to be eligible for enrollment in this program. Required courses are specified in agreements between the College and the sponsor. Minimum/Maximum of 60 credit hours.

Current Technical Study Agreements:

Washing County Career Center

  1. HVAC Training Program- (Student must have completed HVAC & Refrigeration 1-4)
  2. Advanced HVAC Training Program - ( Student must have completed Welding and Advanced Welding 1-4 and Advanced HVAC)
  3. Welding Training Program - ( Student must have completed Welding and Advanced Welding)
  4. Pip Welding Training Program
  5. Maintenance Mechanic Millwright Training Program
  6. Information Technology Professional Training Program
  7. Building Construction Technology Training Program
  8. Advanced Building Technology Training Program – (Students must have completed Building Technology and Advanced Building Technology)
  9. Instrumentation and Electricity Training Program
  10. Medical Assistant


  1. Equestrian Studies
  2. Equine Management

Degree programs implemented under this degree designation will include instruction consistent
with the following components and categories.

SAMPLE State Approved Curriculum Guide (may vary slightly by organization)

Short Term Programs:

Short term programs are developed to meet high demand occupations in our region. We are committed to developing these programs with specific outcomes so that the individual has every opportunity to show the employer they have achieved the skills required for positions available. WED develops these programs based on input from local business and industry, high demand occupations lists from Workforce West Virginia, and input from our Community & Technical College System. These Non-Credit Certificate Programs are accelerated curriculums designed to provide training in less than 90 days, resulting in certificates of employable skill sets. These programs are delivered in a Non-Credit to Credit format, which allows students to convert their skill-set certificate to college credit. Short term programs are eligible for  Workforce, Higher Education Adult Part-time Student (HEAPS) grant funding to assist with payment if individuals qualify.  Contact (304) 424-8275 for more information.


Skill Set Certificate Programs include:

In addition to completing the WED program application, students requesting admission to some programs may have to meet additional program specific requirements such as drug screening and background check. Course availability and program dates may vary from the academic program schedule. Students are strongly encouraged to contact us for questions regarding the application process or specific program requirements. Questions can be directed to the WED Division at (304) 424.8275.

Corporate Training:

The Workforce and Economic Development division offers local business, industry, and organizations a variety of training opportunities designed to increase employee productivity and efficiency, helping them to maximize profits. These programs range from courses on Microsoft Office products to Management Leadership and Conflict Resolution, to customized industry specific training. To request more information about how we can help meet your training needs, contact (304) 424-8383.

Our safety training offerings are designed to ensure that a company’s on-site safety standards are met or exceeded. We offer most required OSHA training courses and can even help businesses develop their own custom safety programs. For more information, contact us at (304) 424-8383.

For a listing of corportate training offerings, visit,

Entreprenuer Center

The Workforce and Economic Development’s Entrepreneur Center is a community makerspace focusing on providing opportunities for members to explore and grow. Outfitted with machinery, tools, software, and resources to appeal to makers, business and industry, or those with an interest. Technologies available include: 3d printing, CNC, laser cutting and engraving, vinyl plotting, and industrial sewing machine. Contact us at 304-420-8606 or online at: for more information.


Community Education:

Workforce and Economic Development’s Community Education Offerings are designed for life enrichment. The varieties of personal offerings can enhance job skills, provide recreational opportunity, and provide applicable life skills for everyday use along with opportunities for entrepreneurship. Our offerings are often changing, so please visit our website at or contact us at (304) 424-8383.


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